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  1. nnesaga

    Question Which Marvel or DC character deserves a standalone video game?

    We have the Spider-man games, we have the Arkham, knights, heck we even have the Wolverine games. I want to know who do you think should grace the cover for the next gen games and why.
  2. StoneGreninja

    EVO cancelled, will run online tournament

    Not even two months after I post the Evo 2020 lineup the pandemic claims another social gathering. I would have wanted to see the Marvel 2 invitational, but I don't think they can do it online without buying old Xbox 360s with marvel 2 installed. Actually, I have one and consider myself as...
  3. StoneGreninja

    Evo tournament 2020 lineup announced

    This year's main tournament games for the Las Vegas tournament have been announced, and 4 out of the 9 games have PC ports: SFV, SC6, T7, and DBFZ. MK11 was snubbed, and we have Marvel VS Capcom 2 in the lineup as an invitational + a qualifier for the rest of us. As a SNK fan, it pains me to...