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  1. StoneGreninja

    The King of Fighters XIV is now on GOG and DRM free

    KOF XIV launched on GOG on April 1st. It's half off as of posting this. The caveat is if you're playing online, you can not play with players on the Steam version. It has DLC fighters sold seperately at half off for both packs. Pick it up if you're running an offline tournament, or you want...
  2. StoneGreninja

    Favorite canon or dream match team in a King of Fighers game released on Steam

    What's your favorite canon or dream match team in a KOF game on Steam right now? I like the '97 Special team in '97 GM, '98 UM FE and 2002 UM with Billy, Mary and Yamazaki. Everyone gets a counter attack move plus they're all Fatal Fury characters.