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  1. invader

    Help with headphone amplifier for pc

    Hi. I have a Senheiser 598SE headphones with an antlion mic. My computer has an onboard sound card. I need recommendations for an amp to use with this. I'm looking for something compact that allow me to control the volume of the headphone outside of Windows Volume Control. Maybe the mic too...
  2. patchiemarx

    Headphone's microphone not working.

    I recently bought a Razer Kraken X Lite Wired 7.1 Gaming Headset and when I plugged it in I could hear sound but my micro phone doesn't work. I tried sound settings and headphone properties but nothing there about changing my default microphone. Someone said to use a male to female audio adapter...
  3. Koutspc

    is there a program or hardware to boost loudness of audio on DT 770 PRO Headphones connected to Asus Essence STX II Soundcard?

    Hi, I have an Asus Essence STX II sound card installed on my PC, I'm using DT 770 PRO headphones and I can't figure out a way to turn up the volume as max setting is low. There is no way to turn up the volume on the headphones, is there some form of amp I could purchase to attach to my sound...
  4. GhostStory

    Does This Headset Exist?

    Howdy, folks. I am in the market for a new headset, that may or may not exist. Can you help me or point me to directions that are close? I'll list what I want below. 1. Open headphones 2. Flip to mute mic 3. Clear, clean mic sound 4. Wireless 5. PC and console support (PlayStation) I look...