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  1. Lutfij

    How To How to Pick the Best Graphics Card

    In PC gaming the biggest, flashiest star of all is the graphics card (GPU). While many of us are always seeking out the latest technology, different people will have their own hardware needs. First off, determine the primary use of your PC. If you plan to use your computer for web browsing or...
  2. iVanityXI

    A build for around 1000-1500

    Hey! I'm looking for a gaming PC build for around 1000-1500 EURO so that'd be around 1800 USD? Not fond of RGB/Aesthetics, i just want a powerful pc that can run most games on high quality. I live in the EU but i think most parts are available worldwide right? So just think of pure power...
  3. JunaeBenne

    Question If someone uses their PC for work what tax advice would you give them?

    It's Tax Season again! It feels like it comes and goes so quickly and especially in a panorama. Since a lot of people are working from home there have been more demands for PC upgrades. BUT! Interestingly enough, since the Tax Cut and Job Act you can't really claim things like a gaming chair, a...
  4. F

    Question on my first gaming pc - need help

    Hi all, I recently purchased my very first ever gaming pc. I’ve been playing console my whole entire life and finally decided to make the pc switch at 25 years old. I’ve heard building is better than pre-built, but I don’t want, nor have the knowledge and time to build my own. So I bought a...
  5. JunaeBenne

    Did you guys use this mic?

    I never had a game or a reason for this mic. Ever! And now, I can't imagine having my PC without a mic. Crazy! Were there games that used a mic? I also remember the boiled egg yolk inside the mouse LOL :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO...