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  1. TheBaconator

    HP Omen Obelisk 875-0034 too much heat

    So I'm still a PC noob and I've been having problems with the processor temperature. The utilization of the processor doesn't get very high but I will be hitting temps of 90 degrees while gaming and the fans will really pick up. The Omen Command Center doesn't read it as "dangerous" temps but I...
  2. A

    Air fans on top of water cooler fans

    I would like to install two RGB fans on top of my water cooler fans but I do not know if it will affect the water cooler performance... Has anyone tried it? Water cooler is installed in front of my case but on the inside and case has two more spots for fans on the outside.
  3. H

    Question I have recently moved my PC and now my exhaust fan is rattling

    I've recently moved my pc and now it makes a rattling noise, I know it's my exhaust fan because when I hold the case where the fan us attached to it stops, the fan is an arctic P12