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    Airflow PC

    I have a new computer case, but I have a problem with the fan connected above the HDD slot in the picture below. Do I need to put air in or out? Will it affect the video card if it draws hot air from the HDD slot into the video card? Thermaltake versa n24. photo...
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    What would YOU change about this 3070 pre build?

    I’ve heard negative things about pre builds... I went ahead an ordered one though as I do not have much experience building PCs (and it was the only way to get my hands on a 3070). Primary use will be; -Playing Call Of Duty Warzone at highest FPS possible -Streaming call of duty to twitch...
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    Question Brand new GPU fan gets loud while playing games

    Last week I bought a brand new MSI Geforce RTX 2060 SUPER VENTUS OC 8GB, but while playing games like GTA V and ARK survival evolved the fan starts to get loud, both games I play on high setting 1080p with some setting like grass on medium. The temperature of the GPU get to around 65 to 72 °C...