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  1. Troll Pond

    Troll Pond

  2. Meadow


    Looking bad ass with some pretty flowers.
  3. Distant Ice Palace

    Distant Ice Palace

    Some textures are a tad sketchy but I'm using a mod to lift the fog that should be covering them.
  4. Caja Clears for Screenshot

    Caja Clears for Screenshot

    Fool minion! Get that beasty out of the shot, the light is fading!
  5. Moon's Moon

    Moon's Moon

    I had a LOT of fun with these moons. I spent quite a bit of time trying to work out whether the planet the game is situated on is actually the second moon of a really big, barren planet or if it just has a really big moon that's big enough to have its own moon.
  6. Mirrorshade Sunset

    Mirrorshade Sunset

  7. Lookin' Bad

    Lookin' Bad

  8. Hangin' with Falk

    Hangin' with Falk

  9. Welcome to Elex

    Welcome to Elex

  10. Crash Site

    Crash Site

  11. Above the Dam

    Above the Dam