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  1. Zloth

    X4: Foundations - A Unique Game for Patient Gamers

    Egosoft's X games are a strange set of games that really don't fit in any genre. The way I play it would likely fit best in a trade/management sim but others play it differently. There's some missions but, for the most part, this game acts as a giant sandbox. You can start out in a nice...
  2. Subtle Branding

    Subtle Branding

    X3:TC in X4:Foundations!
  3. Xenon Defense Station 1

    Xenon Defense Station 1

  4. Small trade ship

    Small trade ship

  5. Teladi Trade Station

    Teladi Trade Station

  6. Starter Ship

    Starter Ship

  7. Tie Defender and Star Destroyer

    Tie Defender and Star Destroyer

  8. Tyr lit up

    Tyr lit up

  9. Skunk in Lost Colony

    Skunk in Lost Colony

  10. X-Wing M4 In busy sector

    X-Wing M4 In busy sector