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  1. Watching over the Hold

    Watching over the Hold

  2. The Library

    The Library

  3. That's a BIG Mirror

    That's a BIG Mirror

  4. Lyrium Mine Qun Camp

    Lyrium Mine Qun Camp

  5. Crater Lake

    Crater Lake

  6. Viv in the Wellspring

    Viv in the Wellspring

  7. Deep in the Deep Roads

    Deep in the Deep Roads

  8. Abyss Entrance

    Abyss Entrance

  9. Abyss Bridge

    Abyss Bridge

  10. Huge Bull Moon

    Huge Bull Moon

  11. Frostback Treehouse Camp

    Frostback Treehouse Camp

  12. Floating Rocks

    Floating Rocks

    It's no Shadow Shard, but I still love the floating rocks!
  13. Fade Sea

    Fade Sea

  14. One of those days

    One of those days

    Sometimes I have a hard time connecting to a game's NPCs...
  15. Exalted 'Plains'

    Exalted 'Plains'

    Plains? Are they bluffing??
  16. Crossroads


  17. Scoutin'


  18. Redcliffe Castle

    Redcliffe Castle

    A nod back to Dragon Age: Origins
  19. Raven Tower

    Raven Tower

  20. Dwarven Banner

    Dwarven Banner