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  1. Huge Bull Moon

    Huge Bull Moon

  2. Frostback Treehouse Camp

    Frostback Treehouse Camp

  3. Floating Rocks

    Floating Rocks

    It's no Shadow Shard, but I still love the floating rocks!
  4. Fade Sea

    Fade Sea

  5. One of those days

    One of those days

    Sometimes I have a hard time connecting to a game's NPCs...
  6. Exalted 'Plains'

    Exalted 'Plains'

    Plains? Are they bluffing??
  7. Crossroads


  8. Sorry - my house is a mess <blush>

    Sorry - my house is a mess <blush>

  9. Skyhold


  10. Forest Green

    Forest Green

  11. Desert Guardians

    Desert Guardians

  12. Scoutin'


  13. Redcliffe Castle

    Redcliffe Castle

    A nod back to Dragon Age: Origins
  14. Raven Tower

    Raven Tower

  15. Dwarven Banner

    Dwarven Banner

  16. Storm Coast

    Storm Coast