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    Question My PC keeps rebooting

    CPU - intel i7 9700k Motherboard - MSI mpg Z390 gaming pro carbon GPU - Radeon XFX rx 5700 xt raw ll RAM - XPG 8 GB 3200 mhz (4x) DATA - Samsung ssd m2 500 GB Watercooler - Corsair H110i platinum Power Supply - Corsair CX 750M I bought every piece by my own knowledge. After all the pieces...
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    How can I overcome a directx error when I start up my Sid Meier's Pirates CD on my Windows 7 PC

    I feel like I've tried running the game on every possible resolution, and I copy and pasted the config.ini replacement codes I've found online so far. I've tried running the game on the 98/me, 2000, and both XP service packs compatibility modes available in properties, and all the possible...