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  1. Winding Heliix 2

    Winding Heliix 2

  2. She's wearing WHAT!?

    She's wearing WHAT!?

  3. Advertising


  4. Widow's Vista Panorama

    Widow's Vista Panorama

    Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate
  5. Cascades


    The Cascades from City of Hero's Shadow Shard zones
  6. Mangled Snake Arms

    Mangled Snake Arms

    This is what happens if you practice fighting stances in front of a mirror.
  7. Headless Contact

    Headless Contact

  8. Go Hunt

    Go Hunt

    Go Hunt Kill Skuls
  9. Cimerora Entrance

    Cimerora Entrance

    Entrance into Cimerora. This was a special zone where heroes and villains could team up against forces that were trying to mangle time.
  10. Tesslah in Zulu

    Tesslah in Zulu

    Firebase Zulu, the first zone in the Shadow Shard. For those that couldn't fly or teleport, travel was done via little geysers that launched you from island to island. The geysers were quick but few people were willing to master them and just found somebody with Group Fly to carry them instead.
  11. Tezzlah Red Metal Zap

    Tezzlah Red Metal Zap

    Tesslah's evil twin from another dimension where peons fly around on their magic carpets, fearful of evil demons blowing through them in their F-14 fighters.
  12. Bookends


    Winding Heliix with a couple of Freakshow henchmen