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  1. Storm Palace from Below

    Storm Palace from Below

    The final Shadow Shard zone contained the Storm Palace and Lanaruu. Before the teleporters were put in, this was far and away the most remote place you could get in the game and there were plenty of max level enemies floating around as well.
  2. Cascades & Vanguard.jpg

    Cascades & Vanguard.jpg

    The Cascades was the second Shadow Shard zone. As you can see, it was WAY more vertical than any other zone in the game. The exit to the next zone was actually way at the top and you had to find your way up there.
  3. Bow to the Pop!

    Bow to the Pop!

    The Tsoo understand perfectly.
  4. Zapping Pop

    Zapping Pop

    Tesslah is showing off her Nemesis Staff - better known (in our supergroup, anyway) as the Lollipop of Death.
  5. Tesslah in Talos

    Tesslah in Talos

    Superfolks gotta take this shot.
  6. Party Animal

    Party Animal

  7. Bookends


    Winding Heliix with a couple of Freakshow henchmen
  8. War Aura & Overkill & Mal & Dawnfire & Windy & Castle

    War Aura & Overkill & Mal & Dawnfire & Windy & Castle

    Our just-made Supergroup! (The guy up front turned into a developer.)
  9. Young Archons in V-Lab

    Young Archons in V-Lab

    Posing after defeating Dr. Vhaz
  10. Top Dogs

    Top Dogs

    More Young Archons (our alternate's supergroup)