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  1. In Game Advertisement

    In Game Advertisement

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  3. Miniskirt Bug

    Miniskirt Bug

    (From beta testing) Somebody got the position wrong on those slits - they are supposed to be on the sides!
  4. Widow's Vista Panorama

    Widow's Vista Panorama

    Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate
  5. U'Kon Gr'ai

    U'Kon Gr'ai

    The mighty Rikti boss is down with MMO culture.
  6. Shadow Shard Tour 4 - The Storm Palace

    Shadow Shard Tour 4 - The Storm Palace

    The final Shadow Shard zone. The final boss of the zone is in the castle...thing at the end. Watch out for storm elementals! (Sorry for the sound being behind the action, this video is old!)
  7. Shadow Shard Tour 3 - The Chantry

    Shadow Shard Tour 3 - The Chantry

    The Chantry houses a castle... well, a kind of castle. The occupant isn't popular with the locals, which take pots shots at it from time to time. The enemies hang out in the sky here, too. (Careful around those floating eyes - their eyelids have teeth!)
  8. Shadow Shard Tour 2 - The Cascades

    Shadow Shard Tour 2 - The Cascades

    The Cascades were really unique, even for the Shadow Shard. It uses all three dimensions far more than any other zone in the game - or in most games, for that matter. A pity about poor Windy getting stuck in that tree for a second. (Sorry for the sound being a second behind - the video is old!)
  9. Shadow Shard Tour 1 - Firebase Zulu

    Shadow Shard Tour 1 - Firebase Zulu

    Starting out near the portal back to Paragon City. Looks like all the additional teleports had been added when I did this recording. (These were recorded about ten years back so the framerate isn't great and the sound is about a second behind the video.
  10. Cascades


    The Cascades from City of Hero's Shadow Shard zones
  11. Black Blood of the Earth

    Black Blood of the Earth

    Big Trouble in Little China for the win!
  12. Nemesis Warhulk

    Nemesis Warhulk

  13. Lawyer


    Sign in Steel Canyon (I think)
  14. Signs in City of Heroes

    Signs in City of Heroes

    Streets near Portal Corporation
  15. Go Hunt

    Go Hunt

    Go Hunt Kill Skuls
  16. King's Row Sunset

    King's Row Sunset

    The building behind my character is the zone's monorail, which would let you fast travel to several other zones.
  17. Cimerora Entrance

    Cimerora Entrance

    Entrance into Cimerora. This was a special zone where heroes and villains could team up against forces that were trying to mangle time.
  18. The Chantry

    The Chantry

    The Chantry was the third zone in the Shadow Shard. This also shows the Rularuu's most iconic soldiers (to use a term) - the Watchers. They shot beams out that did terrible things to reflex-based defenses and they bit for heavy damage.
  19. Tesslah in Zulu

    Tesslah in Zulu

    Firebase Zulu, the first zone in the Shadow Shard. For those that couldn't fly or teleport, travel was done via little geysers that launched you from island to island. The geysers were quick but few people were willing to master them and just found somebody with Group Fly to carry them instead.
  20. Storm Palace from Below

    Storm Palace from Below

    The final Shadow Shard zone contained the Storm Palace and Lanaruu. Before the teleporters were put in, this was far and away the most remote place you could get in the game and there were plenty of max level enemies floating around as well.