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  1. Sarafan

    Question Unity Engine BSOD

    Ok guys. I have to admit that I have a problem with BSODs for some time. The only affected games are those that run on Unity Engine. This includes Hearthstone and Wasteland 3. I tried to solve this issue by doing these things: - installed the newest drivers for my GPU and sound card, - verified...
  2. K

    Question BSOD problems

    Hello, about two months ago, I started getting various BSOD and almost every time they were different. And they occur almost every day, sometimes even 2-3 times a day (like today). I've tried many fixes and various solutions like memtest86, chkdsk, sfc /scannow, including reinstalling windows...
  3. Zloth

    Blue Screens of Death in Gaming

    Game devs have had a lot of fun with Blue Screens of Death over the years. I've collected a few and I wonder if others have more. Talos Principle had a rather surreal Blue Screen Final Fantasy X... yep Borderlands 2 had one that was hard to read but it's definitely got attitude Continued...