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  1. Fillan


    Hey! I Currently use an Alienware m17 r5and am going to sell it but half of one button pops off when I click on it. What are my potions to fix it? Best regards, Filip
  2. S

    Question First Gaming PC

    Hey everyone! I'm a lifelong console player and after having my Xbox One burn out on me several months back I have been getting interested in PC gaming. I know almost nothing about the components other than some forum/article browsing I have done more recently. I'm not too interested in doing my...
  3. dls1989

    Opinions on my PC?

    Hello, last summer I bought an Alienware Aurora R8 for 2800usd. Just looking for opinions on it. And yeah I think I probably over payed. Alienware Aurora R8 Alienware 850 Watt Power Supply with High Performance Liquid Cooling Intel Core i7 9700K (8-Core/8-Thread, 12MB Cache, Overclocked up to...