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  1. PointnClicker01

    The Longing - A community diary

    Hello everyone, I came across a game on steam called The Longing. It belongs to the genre of Point & Click adventures, which is why of course it caught my attention. I found out that it is not an ordinary PnC (in the reviews it is described as a mixture of adventure and idle game)... it is...
  2. onigiristudio

    Question What games rekindled your love of PC gaming?

    I went through a period of 2-3 years in my late teens / early twenties in which I basically lost interest in PC gaming after having been an AVID PC gamer from the age of 22! Until, in the early YouTube gaming days, I came across TotalBiscuit and decided to try a few of the games he had covered...
  3. Frindis

    The Community Poll Adventure

    Greetings community. I was playing a little with the thought of making a type of poll game where the whole community could gather and vote on how the story unfolds. The only boundaries will be within the answers I list to choose from, but hopefully I manage to keep them interesting and...