Do you know what makes Wedding Sitter the best among the rest? It’s the idealogy, and vision of the founder of Wedding Sitter, Jessica Flores.
After working as a floral event designer for various weddings as well as attending a bunch of
such events as a guest, she felt a dire need for a change in the world of event planning and management. She sensed that various wedding sitter people of different ages come together under a single roof to celebrate an occasion but some of them often feel left out or out of place. It happens due to the lack of interesting activities that keep a person, and especially children, engaged, and joyous. She felt: there has to be a different set of themes, activities, and refreshments for guests with respect to their likings, and age.

She dreamed to become such an event planner who would bring something magical, and special to the table not only for the adult-guests but also for the children who enlighten the spark at every event. There she came up with this amazing wedding planning company, The Wedding Sitter.

Now, let’s move forward to know what else makes Wedding Sitter magical enough to make your events special, and memorable.